‘NPP will win more seats in GA/R in 2024’

Alfred Boye, an aspiring Greater Accra Regional Chairman, is optimistic the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will capture and win a landslide victory for parliamentary seats in Greater Accra Region in order to facilitate a smooth victory for party to break the eight years of political party power.

According to him, the Greater Accra region had more votes cast as compared to any other region and it was prudent for the party as a committed, dedicated, determined party poised for victory in Election 2024 and indefatigably work hard to achieve possible feat.

“Delegates should give the nod to me as the Greater Accra Regional Chairman in the upcoming polls in order for me to use the best modules and strategies to help the party achieve momentum in breaking the eight-year term that has existed for some time in our democratic history,” Mr Boye pleaded.

Highlighting some successful potentials and political achievements for the NPP, he served as the acting regional chairman since 2017 to date, member of the National Council since 2014 to date, and was the regional first vice chairman from 2013 to 2017, and was also a two-term constituency chairman for Ledzokuku Constituency in 2004 to 2012, among other notable positions where he made significant impacts.

As a visionary leader, Mr Boye indicated that he acquired, refurbished and furnished new regional office when it became necessary to move from the party office at Kokomlemle, instrumental in most of the campaigns at the regional level, provided logistics, arranged and supplied consumer goods to deprived constituencies during the 2016 general election.

“I am a unifier who has resolved most conflicts that emerged from constituency and parliamentary elections to restore peace, unity, cohesion and harmony among members, supporters, sympathisers, well-wishers and faithful and to ensure victory in 2024, I will organise training programmes and workshops to update regional and constituency officers knowledge in areas of prevention and resolution of conflict, effective and efficient management of polling stations, among others.

“I will also seek to establish an association of past constituency and regional executives to play significant roles in administration of the two bodies and the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-Levy) is essential to national cohesion, progress, growth and development and we must embrace it in order to help create more economic interventions for the country,” Mr Boye riposted.

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