‘Our leaders are in the mood of winning elections, not developing nation’

An independent presidential candidate, Marricke Kofi Gane has discounted headline policies set out by successive governments in the country, reducing them to mere populist and vote-buying gimmicks.

“The country is on its knees in the league of developing nations because politicians have failed to think through smart policies that touch on the core of development, I think our leaders are continuously in the mood of trying to win elections rather than developing the nation.

“Whatever they do is either geared towards a populist agenda and not what will necessarily work for the nation or that they want to do something that benefits them,” Mr Gane lamented.

He described as embarrassing, the mere proposition of a new parliamentary chamber for legislators when the country has not yet sheltered children studying under trees, thepresident deserves no plaudits for his introduction of the Free Senior High School policy because it is guaranteed by the constitution and should have been done a long time ago.”

Assessing the 1 Village 1 Dam initiative on the same score of populism, Mr Gane questioned, “Was it ever in the interest of the citizenry to build the dams,because if it were, they would have been built and it would have been serving the interest of the citizenry?

The sole presidential hopeful took it out hard on road projects, a majority of which per his scale were built just to please authorities with no consideration for its overarching value in the wider good.

“We don’t build roads because a particular road will serve four purposes in agriculture, health access, in tourism and in logistics because you will be serving or delivering value than just having authorities happy that a road has passed through his village,” Mr Gane bemoaned.

He is currently on a nationwide tour galvanising support for his 2020 presidential bid, promising a new wave of development that will bring about the national transformation that the citizenry have long been yearning for. -starrfmonline.com

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