“You have to say what you are if you want to become what you wish to be,” Dr Robert Schuler would say.

Wally Amos believes that we are the most powerful human beings in our lives. Basically, your power comes from two different sources: your mind and your soul, he postulates. From your mind you get knowledge and imagination: the ability to learn, remember, and apply what you know in countless ways. From your soul you get the motivating desires and attitude that keep you moving on your chosen path. From your soul comes the reason for being.

The power of your mind is thought. Thought is intangible; and because it is, we must acknowledge that mind power, the power of thought, is primarily expressed through the use of words. Words convey thoughts. That makes them one of the most important power tools at our disposal. We might even go far to say, the word is everything. We cannot see, hear, or smell thought. It is through words that thought becomes accessible to us – tangible objects. We can see a written word and hear it spoken. After the thought is absorbed by your senses in the form of words, your mind translates them back into thought. Words are the medium of communication.

Indeed words are powerful tools. Yet, unless we use them carefully, and communicate clearly, words are of little value. Many of our difficulties in human relations are caused by improper or inadequate communication.

When communication is not clear one of two things occur. Either we do not get our ideas across to other people, or we do not hear what others are saying to us. Usually misunderstandings result.

We underestimate how powerful our words and thoughts are not only to the person they are directed to, but to ourselves. It is extremely important to remember that we are the first target of our own thoughts and words. And we usually bear their impact long after they have rolled off the back of the person we intended them for. Therefore, when we send out negative thoughts and words they wind up doing far more damage to us personally than they do to anyone else. “Acid can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored, than the object on which it is poured.” Realize the power of your words and thoughts and know that just as you can never retrieve sugar once it is dissolved in the liquid; likewise you can never take back your words once they have left your mouth. Adding words of apology may ease the pain caused by the first words now regretted, but nothing you say or do can take you back in time to not say what caused the hurt. The best remedy is to think carefully and not give words to a thought that can cause pain. When you deny that thought long enough it will fade away.

Just as words spoken carelessly can cause pain and misunderstanding, words not spoken at the appropriate time can be equally harmful. Our inability to share and express our feelings, Amos believes, have a direct impact on the termination of many personal relationship, including marriages. He says forcefully, “Since I realized the importance of words in my life, I have made a conscious effort to be more open and sharing and to communicate accurately. I transmit my thoughts more precisely, and project my power more positively. Because of this,” he concludes, “I have added value and meaning to my life and the lives of others.” He has also discovered that just as negative thoughts and words affect him immediately, so do positive thoughts and words. “The more I can feed that positive food to my subconscious the more abundant my life becomes with joy, love, peace and happiness.”

Everywhere we go there will be people. From this observation we can conclude that people must be quite important in the grand scheme of things. “As a matter of fact, without people there will be nothing, as much importance as we give computers.” So, the ability to communicate with one another must be cultivated and cherished.

We are all here together for we cannot exist alone. We are all interconnected. The power in you will be transmitted to others whether you like it or not and whether you are aware of it or not, because that is the order of the universe. So it is in your best interest to communicate effectively and also to communicate only loving, sincere thoughts. Those thoughts will go out be received by others, multiplied and returned in kind, “Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.” You will live to a happier, more effective life; non-productive negative thoughts will simply disappear.


There are some words we take for granted, yet are words that hold great power. Sometimes we allow that power to be wielded over us, when it is we who should always be in control of the words we use. When you are aware of the power in words you can gain control of those spoken by other to you.  You realize it is your choice in perceiving the words delivered by someone else.

“The world into which we are born is not the world in which we live, nor is it the world in which we will die.” That is because everything is in perpetual state of change. We want our lives to remain the same, so we fight against change. Yet the very nature of life is change.  

As all living organisms demonstrate, only through change can there be growth: only through change are we able to become. The word “become” goes hand in hand with change. Sometimes we are so concerned with what we are becoming. Remember to live in the present, but realize that the present is in the process of becoming the future. Every day is a time of preparation for the days to come. We are always “work in process.” When we accept this as truth, then even unpleasant experiences can be regarded as lessons in living.

Make a decision today to learn a lesson from every experience you have. Tomorrow, you will be wiser, happier person. Everything has a beginning, but only because of change; stop resisting. Change gives flow to life and life is change. Get into the flow of life and accept those opportunities for growth that change brings your way. Do not keep looking out the same window. Accept change and you will find that the new scenery is more beautiful than the old. Accept change in your life and know that this moment is the beginning of new you, that you are becoming, through change.

The only way to effectively handle change is through acceptance. Do not wish that something had happened differently or at another time, but accept what is at this moment. Acceptance comes with the understanding that you will have another opportunity to correct whatever it is you do not like, but only after you have accepted the experience. Agonizing over past events keeps you stuck in the past filled pain and unhappiness. Acceptance will lead you straight to happiness.

Happiness is our natural state. It is believed that sadness and depression are states of “learned helplessness.” As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “There is now way to happiness, happiness in the way.” Happiness can be defined as the state of being content and joyful. It is a state, a state of mind, and we control our minds and our minds control our reality, then we must be able to choose to be happy. Make a decision to put some happy into your life.

You project your energy through everything you say and do, and if you are not careful, negative thoughts will slip out and nothing good will ever come from it. Give more importance to your words. Realize their tremendous power, use only words that support, encourage, and are truthful, happy and joyful. “Use positive words and watch your power rocket astronomically.”

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