Church of Pentecost Nsawam Area holds Easter convention

 Christians have been admonished to make the crucifixion and resurrec­tion of Jesus Christ beneficial to them.

According to Reverend Samuel Bonney, the Adoagyiri District Pastor of the Church of Pentecost, the death of Jesus Christ ‘The Saviour’ was benefi­cial because he had given hope to Christians and the world.

Rev. Bonney stated this at the Easter convention organised by the Church of Pentecost, Nsawam Area, Adoagyiri zone in the Eastern Region last Sunday.

The occasion brought togeth­er thousands of congregants mostly clad in white apparel from 12 local assemblies’ from Sakyikrom Adoagyiri, Teacher Mantey in the three Districts to the Sakyikrom Park.

Also in attendance were district pastors, presiding elders, deacons and deaconess who danced and sang praises to God to remember the death, resur­rection and ascension of Jesus Christ.

The programme was held on the theme “The Blood Still Speaks” with a bible reference from Hebrews 12:24.

Rev. Bonney in a sermon, dubbed “Apply the Blood,” said there was power in the death and resurrection of the son of God (Jesus Christ) for which reason Christians were to apply the blood in all that they do.

“As Christians let’s believe the blood works, and in everything thus praying, eating and sleep­ing, apply the blood to ensure His protection” he added.

Rev. Bonney said the resur­rection power was a proof of salvation to the world, and urged them to keep the faith to ensure they were not swayed away.

The Adoagyiri District Pastor urged Christians to keep trusting God and pray without ceasing.

Rev. Bonney called on Chris­tians to seek refuge in God at all times and abide by the biblical teachings.


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