Ghanaian youth must pursue financial independence

Businessman and philanthropist, Kwame Bediako Cheddar, also known as Freedom Jacob Caesar has advised Ghanaian youth to rise up and pursue financial independence as the country marks its 65th year of attaining independence.

According to him, without financial stability, one cannot enjoy independence, adding that true independence meant freedom from poverty, oppression and ignorance.

MrBediako, who addressing the Greater Accra regional parade at the Black Star Square last Sunday to commemorate the 65th Independence Day anniversary of the country,  stressed the need to put in every effort to fight poverty.

“After independence from our colonial masters, I am also here to preach and promote freedom of hope, financial independence and freedom of everything that will give you peace of mind,” he added.

Mr Cheddar, who is also the leader of the Freedom Movement, an organisation focused on  protecting human rights, commended leaders of the country for their efforts in recognising the sacrifices of the country’s forefathers.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times on the sidelines of the programme, he revealed that soon his outfit would launch a crypto currency project dubbed ‘the freedom coin.’

After more than six decades of independence from the colonial masters, he said it was time for Ghanaians to experience true financial freedom.

Touching on the significance of financial independence, he stated that wealth gives a person absolute peace of mind and also alleviates the fear of being poor after retirement.

He, therefore, reiterated the need for the youth to be resilient and work harder, while making wise financial decisions to enable them live comfortable lives and also secure their future.

“It all starts with the willingness to commit to a goal,” he added.


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