One of the growing and rapidly evolving technologies without doubt, is drone technology.

Indeed, this technology has proven to be a valuable asset to the military, business and lately medical supplies.

Governments across the globe are investing in drone technology and the outcomes have been phenomenal.

According to the experts, drones have great potential in making the transport of drugs, vaccines and other medications faster to remote and hard-to-reach areas.

It is for this reason, that, we commend the Ghana Health Service, for adding the medical drone delivery service to the country’s healthcare delivery architecture to supply hospitals and other health facilities in rural parts of the country on time to deal with emergency situation.

With the introduction, Ghana has become part of the growing number of countries around the world, to seek to use a drone delivery network, to provide the most advanced health care to save precious lives.

The drone is expected to operate 24 hours a day and deliver emergency medicines for surgeries, severe infections anti-rabbies as well as supply blood products to over 200 health facilities across the country.

These supplies are expected to save lives and millions of cedis through the elimination of expensive trips to pick-up health care products and decrease waste in the supply chain.

According to the Ghana Health Service, over 14 million people nationwide are expected to benefit from the innovative drone delivery system.

What is even more important about the introduction of system is that it would generate over 200 for pharmacists, engineers, flight operations and many more essential and allied support staff.

The Ghanaian Times is confident that with introduction of the drones, distribution of blood supply or related products to save lives would now become very effective since they have been developed for safe and rapid delivery of medical supplies to remote and rural communities.

We are told that the operation of the drones to deliver medical supplies is cost-effective, so we expect that Ghana would derive the full benefits from the agreement signed between Zipline and the government.

We are hopeful that the entire country would offer their support to Zipline and the government to ensure that Ghanaians benefit fully from the operations of the drone delivery service.

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