Krowor MP warns students against ‘dress-to-kill’ craze.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Krowor, Mrs Agnes Naa Momo Lartey, has cautioned students, especially females, to dress decently and desist from the so-called ‘dress-to-kill’ craze.

According to the MP, inappropriate dressing could only expose female students to unnecessary attention.

“This idea of wearing provocative and indecent dresses in the name of ‘dress-to-kill’ would only shift your attention from the purpose of being in school to other things that would not be helpful to your future aspirations,” Mrs Lartey stated.

The MP made the call at the Matriculation Ceremony for the August 2021 and January 2022, intake of the Regional Maritime University (RMU), in Accra, on Friday.

She said, it was important for all students to register their footprints positively and be remembered after leaving the university. Be focused on the reason for being at RMU, which is to study and contribute to national development at various sectors,” Mrs Lartey said.

“Be determined to obey the rules and regulations of the university and come out with clean academic and moral records,” Mrs Lartey added.

She commended management of the university for maintaining high standards and ensuring that graduates were contributing to development.

Acting Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr Jethro W. Brooks, urged the students to “attend lectures, respect colleagues and lecturers, study hard and shun occultism, sexual misbehaviour, examination malpractices and other nefarious activities”.

He reiterated that, in spite of the tremendous freedom offered to students on campus, they must endeavour to dress modestly at all times.

“Please cover all the critical and most sensitive parts of your body and remember that you need to be modest but attractive at all times,” Dr Brooks said.

He urged students to acquire the necessary knowledge, ability and skills for the huge task ahead of them.

“Develop your skills for critical thinking and analysis of situations with the view to applying the knowledge you will be acquiring here to help solve societal problems,” Dr Brooks stated.

In all, 612 students had been enrolled for the 2021/2022 academic year (August 2021 and January 2022) for both postgraduate and undergraduate students out of which 114 were males and 498 were females.


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