Nasco Tech CEO Announces Expansion into 3D Modeling Training

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO),  of Nasco Tech Mr Banasco Nuhu Seidu, has announced exciting new developments in his outfit’s free training programmes.

According to Mr Seidu, Nasco Tech has been successfully training young people in coding and software engineering for three years, leading to employment opportunities with various Spanish companies.

“We have over 30 people working for these companies through our establishment,” he stated.

Mr Seidu stated that Nasco Tech emerged from Nasco Feeding Minds, an initiative that has long provided ICT literacy to children.

“Our agenda focuses on coding and software engineering training,” he explained, “We train them, mostly from the computer centers established by Nasco Feeding Minds, to prepare them specifically for the workforce.”

Building on this foundation, he revealed that Nasco Tech was now introducing a 3D modeling training program in partnership with Miniplast, a plastic waste recycling company.

“After the training, these young people will be assigned to work with Miniplast,” Mr. Seidu assured.

He stressed the importance of not only training but also providing practical employment opportunities. “We ensure the impact is clear and tangible: you train, and you offer opportunities for them to demonstrate their skills.”

He urged graduates to be conscious of their life choices and the time they invest in their development. “Whether it’s one year or five years, be aware that this time will pass, and what you do with it matters,” he advised.

In furtherance Mr Seidu encouraged the youth to take advantage of training opportunities, emphasising the long-term benefits of their commitment and hard work.


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