AMA cleans up Agblogbloshie to avert flooding 

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has embarked on a clean-up exercise to desilt choked gutters at Agblogbloshie and its environs.

The objective of the four-day exercise which started on Thursday and expected to end yesterday was to allow free flow of water in the drains and gutters in the community to prevent flooding.

As part of the exercise, the Assembly towed vehicles which had been parked along the shoulders of the road as well as abandoned broken-down vehicles left on sections of the road.

Further, traders who were selling on portions of the road were asked to relocate to the areas demarcated for them to sell, to allow free flow of vehicles and people.

The Head of Public Relations of the AMA, Mr Gilbert Ankrah, in a telephone interview with the Ghanaian Times said the exercise was to clean the place to prevent flooding of the area.

He said the place was low-lying and that siltation, which impeded free flow of water in the drains, caused flooding in the community.

“We have cleared all the trucks and cars that are parked along the side of the roads to allow movement of heavy duty cars which bring goods to the market,” he added.

Mr Ankrah said the cars that were parked at the shoulders of the road caused heavy traffic in the area, especially on market days when others heavy trucks come to offload their goods.

He said the relocation of the traders who sold their wares on the road would help prevent traffic.

Mr Ankrah said the Assembly informed the traders before embarking on the exercise, adding that the exercise would be sustained to keep the Agblogbloshie market and the community clean.

“The clean-up exercise is a continuous activity to keep Agbogloshie clean especially the drains, including the lagoon to ensure free flow of water,” Mr Ankrah said.


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