Nsumia Church of Church Women’s Ministry observes annual programme

The Women’s Ministry of Nsumia Church of Church in the Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipality has observed its annual women’s programme.

It was on the theme “It shall be well with your soul…Even in good health.”

As part of the programme, the women performed choreographies on living healthy lifestyles.

Also, the women were educated on healthy lifestyle practices and caring for new born babies.

The programme was crowned with a fellowship where members brought together assorted foods, drinks and fruits from their homes for the entire church to feast.

A midwifery Officer at Achiaman Health Centre, Gifty Ann Nkrumah, who led a health talk on the topic “Importance of antenatal and care of new born babies,” urged pregnant women to take antenatal and post-natal hospital visits seriously.

She said women after birth should continue to visit the hospital until their babies were five years old.

On antenatal, she said it was important in the life of pregnant women since it was a period where various tests and scans were done to ensure the safety of the baby in the womb.

She said pregnant women were also advised during that period on things they ought to do and what not to ensure safe delivery.

On postnatal, Ms Nkrumah cautioned women against strenuous work as that put stress on their body.

She said good sleep and rest were good for women after childbirth.

Ms Nkrumah explained that after giving birth, it took about six months for the body to go back to its original form, hence enough rest was needed to enhance that process.

“If you do not rest after childbirth and you engage in hard work the body cannot go back to its former state,” Ms Nkrumah stated.

She advised new mothers, especially women who have had a caesarian session, to avoid foods which would give them constipation; instead they should eat balanced diets and more fruits and vegetables.

That, she said, could cause their wombs to open.

Ms Nkrumah also warned women from sitting on hot water after birth or douching their babies with hot water.

She advised women and their babies to sleep under treated mosquito nets to prevent them from mosquito bites and malaria.

“Don’t stop going to clinic until your child is five years,” she advised.

In an interview with the pastor of the church, Evangelist Edward Boakye, he told the Ghanaian Times that the programme was to provide an opportunity for the women to showcase their talents.

The President of the Women’s Ministry, Mrs Janet Kingsley, commended members of the Women’s Ministry for their active participation.

She also commended the leadership of the church for the opportunity given them to exhibit their talents.


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