I’ll return NDC to power in 2025 – Asiedu Nketia

The National Chairman aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has pledged to return the party to power in 2025 if elected for the position.

Additionally, he would implement a number of reforms that would encourage participation and promote transparency and accountability.

Launching his campaign for the National Chairmanship position in Accra on Tuesday, Mr Nketia, popularly referred to as “General Mosquito”, indicated that he would offer the necessary leadership that would re-organise the NDC into an attractive and formidable party that provided opportunities to all.

“We have a daunting task facing us as a party to remove the New Patriotic Party (NPP) from office and lead the country to economic recovery, we must be properly organised with leadership that is disciplined, transparent, accountable, fearless, courageous and hardworking to lead the NDC with a chairman who is not compromised.

“I will push for the introduction of term limits for office holders in NDC to encourage more members to participate and make office holders accountable, under my tenure, the NDC will undertake a mass registration of party members to build a more integrated database to reduce disputes about membership and enhance dues collection.

“The NDC will implement strategies that will curb monetisation of internal elections to ensure that office holders are elected on merit, continue with financial reforms to give branches, constituencies and regions autonomy to be able to undertake projects and programmes that builds the grassroots level,” Mr Nketia pointed out.

He noted that the party would work to revive the NDC Heroes Fund that was established to provide relief to members and their dependents who were impacted negatively in the course of their work for the party.

As the General Secretary of the party for 17 years, Mr Nketia touted his achievements were testament of his understanding of the political scene, desire to build the capacity of the youth in the party, part of the executives that steered the party from opposition to victory in 2008 and retained it in 2012 despite divisions which threatened sustenance of the NDC.

He further touted he also led the acquisition of the ultra-modern head office of the party to ensure efficient and effective administration as well as the establishment of the Institute of Social Democracy to deepen knowledge about the party’s ideals.

“I led the charge for regional, youth and women representation in the expanded national executives of the party, introduction of the Electoral College system to ensure all members play a role in the election of executives, an efficient system that matches the vision of the party to win power and govern the country to growth and development is,” Mr Nketia intimated


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