Nation not ready for electronic voting–EC

Dr Serebuor Quaicoe, the Director of Elections of the Electoral Commission (EC), has insisted that the nation is not ready for electronic voting due to so much suspicion among the political parties in the country.

“When the elections management body adopts the electronic voting system, which does not make it easy to prove allegations of electoral malpractices, it will further deepen the suspicion, create unnecessary tension among the electorate if the EC adopts e-voting system.

“I don’t think Ghana is ready for e-voting, there is a particular political party in the country that is always calling for e-voting but what I can say is that we are not there yet,
the suspicion in our elections is very high and, so, when the technology comes in now, it will be problematic and challenging.

“With the electronic voting, there is no way you can verify but with what we have now, all the agents of the parties and the media see what is going on in terms of the collation of the results, in my opinion, we are not there yet, it is a gradual process, we will get there one day but the time has not yet arrived,” Dr Quaicoe maintained.

The limited registration exercise organised by the Electoral Commission came to an end on July 7, 2019, with hundreds of applicants still not registered, many of the applicants were praying the Electoral Commission to extend the time so they can all register.

However, there will be no extension according to Sylvia Annor, the Communication Officer of the EC bemoaned the ‘last-minute’ attitude of some electorate but described the exercise generally as ‘successful’.

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