Okpoi Gonno Society marks 10 years anniversary

The Okpoi Gonno Society of the Methodist Church Ghana, Northern Accra Diocese, has marked it tenth anniversary with an appeal to Christians to present “your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.”

The appeal was to enable them please the Lord and not conform to the world as well as help them celebrate their transformation in the Lord.

The anniversary which also saw the launch of the society’s 2022 harvest was held under the theme “Celebrating Our Transformation in Christ Jesus-Our Experience,” in Accra last Sunday.

Very Rev. Kodwo Arko-Boham in the sermon cautioned Christians to be mindful of how they used their bodies and the “languages the body speaks.”

“Let us be cautious of what we do with our bodies to ensure that God is continually glorified,” he added.

He urged them to eschew a “chameleon-like Christianity,” adding that “let what is on your outside reflect what is on your inside.”

Very Rev Arko-Boham stressed the need for Christians to apply what they read from the Bible as it would help shape their characters, households and the church.

Outlining things that showed that one was a living sacrifice, he indicated the need to respect and honour others more than oneself, adding that there was thepressing need for people to use their positions to serve and live exemplary lives for their followers.

Others were celebrating the gifts of others, uniting and living peaceably with others, humility, and contributing to the needs others.

Very Rev Arko-Boham further charged them to work hard and not lazy around as “if a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

He used the opportunity to emphasise the need for peace and amicable resolutions between countries citing the friction between Russia and Ukraine.

He said peace was the most desirable thing one could have, hence, he urged Ghanaians to live peaceably with one another, adding that “we have nowhere to go but here in our only land, Ghana.”

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times, Mr Amos Sackitey, the Society’s Caretaker who said the society had faced so many challenges throughout the years, expressed the society’s gratitude to the Lord.

“Looking back, before the challenges and to have arrived at this point in time in our history for me it is awesome.

“The work of God in our individual lives and collectively has shown us so much of his mercy and grace.”

Speaking on the harvest, he said it was to raise funds for the society to purchase a land in order for it to get a permanent structure and location.

“Currently we donot have a land and that is how come we are fellowshipping from this compound,” he stressed.

“So in the next 10 years we are hoping that we will have a land of our own with a permanent structure with perhaps a school by the side and other facilities for people to come and feel at home,” he added.


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