One person confirmed dead in fatal crash at Bogoso

One person was con­firmed dead with four others injured in fatal crash involving a DAF truck and five other vehicles at Bogoso, in the Prestea Huni Valley Munici­pality of the Western Region, on Saturday afternoon.

The chains on the DAF timber truck snapped and all the timber logs fell on vehicles at the centre of Bogoso, during a market day, around Master Baba Fitting Shop and Cheaper Lines Cold Store area.

Rescue teams including the Fire Service, Ambulance Service and police rushed to the scene to salvage the situation and conveyed the dead, a taxi driver, name not given, and the injured to nearby hospitals for medical attention.

Later, they removed the mangled vehicles and the DAF truck from the scene for traffic to resume.

Scary and bloody, the accident drew a huge crowd to the scene. Eye witnesses recalled how the bonnet part of the DAF truck was raised and suddenly came dangerously down the market area, while the driver tried to con­trol the vehicle, the four logs fell on the vehicles.

They added that, driver of one of the vehicles trapped under the truck escaped unhurt.

Assembly member for Lion Street Electoral Area, Richard Mensah, who was saddened by the crash said, if the truck had gone to the main market area “the result would have been disastrous.”

He proposed that the mu­nicipal assembly would have to take drastic measures to ensure that those who sold by the road side were evicted to avoid future accidents.

Police investigation disclosed that the driver of the DAF truck, carrying logs from the Prestea end, upon reaching Bogoso, lost control while negotiating a curve causing the logs to fall on the five other vehicles.

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), the police said, assisted in rescuing the victims trapped in the accident vehicles while the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), also visited the scene to open the Bogoso road to traffic while “efforts are underway to get the driver of DAF truck, who is on the run, arrested to face justice,” the police assured.


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