Catholic Bishops confab launches Lumen Christi National TV project

The Catholic Diocese of Koforidua in collaboration with the Catholic Bishops Conference has organised a diocesan launch of the Lumen Christi National Television (TV) project and a townhall meeting in Koforidua in the Eastern region on Thursday.

The launch which is the tenth to be organised by the Catholic Church, was to enable the diocese appeal for funds to support the National Catholic TV project spearheaded by the Catholic Laity Council.

The Lumen Christi Catholic Media Limited was a media company limited by shares and owned by the Catholic Church of Ghana who would run the TV station.

Speaking at the launch on the theme “Living the authentic Christians Social Teaching through Mass Media Evangelisation,” the Catholic Bishop of Koforidua Diocese, Most Reverend Joseph Afrifa-Agyekum explained that one way to propagate the gospel was through the media.

He explained that the project would ensure the set up of a TV station mainly to propagate the gospel to people across the country and beyond and to educate members of the Catholic faith.

“During a discussion with the Catholic Bishops Conference, elders and members of the church, we realised that the church has lagged behind in terms of setting up our own television station,” he stated.

He revealed that a committee was set up to discuss the TV projects with all stakeholders especially those in the media landscape, adding that it was decided during such meetings to set up a TV station.

Most Reverend Afrifa-Agyekum stated that the TV station even though the main purpose was to propagate the gospel and enable them teach the Catholic faith, there would also be varieties of programmes including social, economic, politics, youth activities as well as entertainment  “so that we do not narrow our viewership.”

For her part, the Chairperson of the Diocesan Laity Council, Mrs Elizabeth Sosu recounted that many efforts have been made by the Catholic Bishops Council to attain a frequency to operate a TV station following the prohibition of religious bodies to own one per the directives of Ministry of Information in the past.

She was glad that religious bodies can own one currently revealing that several discussions took place in May last year to ensure that the project was brought to fruition.

MrsSosu revealed that the new broadcast would bring rich diverse programme content to serve as a basis for sponsorship and ownership of the Lumen Christi TV to be operated by the Lumen Christi Catholic Media Limited.

A representative of the National Implementation Committee of the Lumen Christi TV, Mr Joseph KomlaKudjordji revealed that the TV station would have its head quarters in Accra as well as 20 bureaus in all Dioceses and Vicariate under their respective Diocesan Department of Social Communications.

He said the department would reflect its national character and would be managed by a team of media professionals who would be recruited by the Board of Directors.

He added that the Lumen TV station would have the mandate to deliver exciting television programmes and contents that would inform, entertain, educate and evangelise to the public.

Caption 1:Most Reverend Joseph Afrifa-Agyekum, fourth counting from left, Mrs Elizabeth Sosu and members of the Catholic Diocese of Koforidua Implementation committee and subcommittee.


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