Faded zebra crossings posing danger to pedestrians in Tema

Some members of the public have expressed concern over faded zebra crossings in the Tema metropolis leading to the situation where some drivers no longer give priority to pedestrians crossing the roads.

This has led to some pedestrians, especially school children being knocked down when going to and returning from school.

Zebra crossing is an area of a road painted with broad white stripes, where vehicles must stop if pedestrians wish to cross.

The broad white stripes further warn drivers that there may be pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road, hence they must exercise restraint.

The fading of the markings may be caused by persistent heavy rains or the vehicles’ tyres.
A retired seaman, Mr Samuel Ansah, a resident of Tema Community 9, said the zebra crossing in front of the Tema General Hospital has faded thus, making it difficult for patients to cross the road as some of the drivers plying the road do not give them priority.

A teacher, Ms Agnes Amadu, said the zebra crossing from Site 1 to the Tema Metropolitan Assembly, has faded while the other one in front of the Our Lady of Mercy Senior Secondary School is not visible, making it difficult for pedestrians to cross the roads “because some drivers would not stop.”

Other faded zebra crossings include those at Obonu FM to Site 21, the Baba Yara road to A.M.E Zion Church, from Site 7 to the Pentecost Church, Joint Church to Regular Baptist Church, from Community 7 bus stop to Tema Technical Institute, among others.

A driver, Mr Kofi Kuranchie, said drivers familiar with roads in the metropolis stop for pedestrians to cross when they get to the faded zebra crossings, however those who are not familiar with the road may have challenges.

He therefore called on the Department of Urban Roads to expedite action to re-print the zebra crossings for the safety of pedestrians.

The Department of Urban Roads of the Ministry of Roads and Highways works with stakeholders to identify and designate specific areas on roads for use as zebra crossings. It also has a duty to ensure that the markings are visible at all times of the year.

Acting Urban Roads Engineer at the Tema Metropolitan Assembly, Richard Amankwa, when contacted said the department had conducted a survey to identify crossings and road markings to be worked on this year.

He assured that it would be done after a successful tendering process and contracts awarded.

Mr Amankwa added that in the mean time the Tema Metropolitan Assembly has deployed Metro Guards to roads near the Tema General Hospital, schools and other risk spots to help pedestrians cross these roads safely.

He urged motorists to drive within speed limits and look out for children, the aged and other vulnerable people when driving in residential areas.
The Public Relations Officer of TMA, Mr Frank Asante, said the Metropolitan Chief Executive of Tema, Mr Yohane Amarh Ashitey, was working on plans to construct a footbridge near Tema Technical Institute for the safe crossing of pedestrians.

The Tema Regional Commander of Motor Traffic and Transport Department of Police, Chief Superintendent William Asante, said his department had observed the faded nature of the zebra crossings and made recommendations to Urban Roads for improvement.

Chief Supt. Asante said the zebra crossing, being a mandatory crossing for pedestrians must be very visible to ensure the safety of pedestrians and other road users and reduce knock downs.


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