Feli Nuna entertains KTGL patrons at Keta

Afro music songstress and rapper, Feli Nuna last Friday held spell-bound patrons of Kaya Tours Ghana Limited (KTGL) as she thrilled them to her refined tunes at Keta.  

The three-day tour was organised by KTGL in partnership with Koppan Hospitality and VoyagesAfriq.

The sensational songstress got the participants jamming to her hit tracks which per their cheerful looks, made the trip more pleasurable.

The trip which began on Friday, June 28, saw 45 participants drawn from various professions and entrepreneurs who were chauffeured to Aborigines beach resort in Keta.

They toured Keta and Lome in Togo and were ushered to the beach front with exciting local ‘Borborbor and Agbadza” songs and dance. 

Mr Abeiku Aggrey Santana, the managing director of KTGL, indicated that the tour was to entertain and educate patrons discover great tourist sites that  abound in the country.

He said most times people were stuck to a particular place and underscored the need for them to explore and acquaint themselves with various attractive places in the country.

In addition, Mr Santana said Keta had a great history that was worth to learn, saying “Keta means ‘head of the sand’ founded by the two sons of Amega, Akaga and Awanyado.  Until 1963, Keta became the capital of the Volta Region before the sea storms washed away the ancient town.

He noted that the charm of the land between the sea and lagoon was what attracted him and his team to choose it for the pleasure tour.

As part of the trip, participants were energised and kept in a vibrant ambiance amidst bonfire, hot grills, good music, cultural dances and local cuisines from the area.

The visitors were also educated on the need to do physical exercise regularly to ensure good health. The occasion also took the visitors to forts and castles of Keta also known as the Miami of Ghana famous for its fantastic sea breeze and serene sandy beaches for wind surfing and swimming.


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