Okaiman Zongo Community chief calls on Asere Stool leaders

The new Sariki for Okaiman Zongo Muslim community, Sariki(chief) Mawiya Sulemana has paid a courtesy call on the traditional leadership of the Asere Stool in the Ga Mashie enclave.

The visit meant to introduce the new Sariki to traditional leadership took place at NiiAyiOkum Frimpong We, Asere Kotopon, the ancestral clan house since 1680 to signify his acceptance by Asere clan under whose jurisdiction Okaiman falls in the outskirt of Accra Central.

SarikiSulemana was accompanied to the meeting by Nii Amartei Shikatsuru, the Chief of Okaiman and an entourage of his councillors and elders of the Muslim community from Okaiman.

Introducing the Sariki, NiiShikatsuru explained that the SarikiSulemana was nominated and elected by the community to succeed his predecessor, Alhaji Yusuf Samba, after his demise.

He said SarikiSulemana who has been a benevolent member of the community hails from Salaga in the Northern Region is an accomplished accountant by profession who works at the Controller and Accountant General’s Department and has two children with Dr Bakari Mariama, his spouse.

After his introduction, Sariki Sulemana, presented a ram and an undisclosed amount of money to the traditional leadership of Asere Stool as traditional demands upon such a visit.

The leadership of Asere then took turns to advise the new Sariki about challenges which comes with the new position with NiiTeiko Ansah III, the Asere Mantse summing them up for the Sariki to continue with his good deeds which endeared him to the community for him to garner a unanimous decision in his selection.

He advised him to be firm and fair in his adjudication of matters concerning the community, adding that he must not hesitate to seek the advice from the traditional leadership of Okaiman if the situation warrants it.

Nii Ansah cautioned him to be wary of concerning himself with traditional matters which could bring tension between the Muslim community and other indigenes of the town since peaceful coexistence was paramount to development of any town.

Present at the meeting were NiiShipiKorkwei III, Head of Asere Asafoitsemei, Otu-Armah, Jaami Woyoo, Dade Oche Dade, Stool Secretary of Okaiman and Asafoiatse Laryea, Asafoiatse of Okaiman.

Sariki Sulemana had his early education at the Sakafatu Islamic Primary School and Tishegu Anglican JHS.He then proceeded to Tamale Technical University before moving on to Wisconsin International University in Ghana.

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