‘Aboagye sacrificed everything for growth of weightlifting’

Ghana’s Captain at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Mel­bourne, Australia – Bernard Fetrie, has paid glowing tribute to the late former President of the Ghana Weightlifting Federation (GWF), Mr Clifford Johnson Aboagye, describing him a colossus who sacrificed everything for the sport.

“In those early difficult days, the late Aboagye came in handy and single-handed­ly developed weightlifting from the scratch, after Michael Johnson Abotsi – the current head coach, introduced the sport to him in 2002.

“We had some turbulent moments in the sport with regard to funding, but Aboagye did all he could to ensure the weightlifting team was properly managed to compete. And, it came as no surprise when he became the first chairman to win Ghana its

 first international medals in weightlifting at the 2003 All Africa Games in Abuja, Nigeria, where Michael Abotsi grabbed three medals,” he recalled.

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According to Mr Fetrie, who cam­paigned in weightlifting’s heavyweight category, the demise of Mr Aboagye came hitting him like a “hypodermic bullet” because there was still a lot to tap from him – even at age 71.

The late Abaogye steered affairs of the GWF from 2002 to 2008, becom­ing the only chairman to have won the Commonwealth Games Gold medal for Ghana – courtesy the exploits of Majetie Fetrie in the Melbourne 2006 Games in Australia.

“Indeed, his unmatched commitment, dedication and perseverance to the development of weightlifting is what

 has brought us where we are today; and he would forever remain in our hearts.

“But I personally would like to thank Michael Abotsi and sports journalist John Vigah for the massive roles they played during Aboag­ye’s tenure in the development of weightlifting in Ghana,” the Austra­lia-based Fetrie added.

“On behalf of past and current lifters, I would also want to say a big thank you to the various leaderships that have kept the sport running till now. Indeed, we are indebted to them and they deserve lots of lauda­tions for the yeoman job.”

The late Aboagye passed away on December 14, 2022 after a bout of illness.

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