DVLA launches online registration portal for national service personnel

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has launched a new online portal for the smooth registration of national service personnel posted to the Authority.

The portal, forms part of the Authority’s national digitalisation vision to go paperless and ensure efficiency and effective service delivery to the public.

The DVLA NSS Portal which is expected to be opened effective November 1, 2022 is designed purposely to reduce the amount of paperwork the Authority’s offices go through during NSS intake and the annual frustration national service personnel encounter when submitting their appointment letters to the Authority.

Launching the portal in Accra on Wednesday, the Chief Executive Officer of the DVLA, Mr Kwasi Agyeman Busia said the new portal formed part of DVLA’s mandate to serve its customers well by building systems that would provide valued services to clients and beyond.

He said the Authority had in the past few years embarked on a transformation agenda, prioritising its human resource including those who served with them under the NSS.

According to Mr Busia, the Authority which hitherto was tagged some years ago as the most corrupt institution was now seen as one of the best administration and serving institution in the country.

“The portal is an essential part of the bigger picture of what we are doing as an entity. We are trying to build a new DVLA and it is part of our strategic plan and so this is something that should be welcome and rolled out nationally,” he added.

The Deputy Director, Human Resource at DVLA, Mrs Gifty Addo-Kssi, said the portal would automate the registration and selection process for both the national service personnel and the human resource department of the Authority.

She said over the years the Authority have had challenges with NSS personnel posted to the DVLA with regards to their registration process and the practice made the process very cumbersome and stressful for both the Authority and NSS persons.

 “Personnel have to queue in for about a day before the submission date of their appointment letter from the National Service Secretariat. Digitisation is the order of the day and as some of you may be aware, DVLA is making every efforts to go paperless, with its processes and the advents of this NSS portal is one of the effort,” she stated.

In a presentation on how the portal would work, the Deputy Director in charge of Research, Business Development and Innovation at the DVLA, Mr Abraham Zaato said personnel would have to create a personal account and upload their information including their documents as required.

He said the process would take not more than two minutes to complete adding that it was user friendly, cost effective, efficient and could be easily accessed at everywhere and any time.

“It has virtually no limit to the number of people that can use it at the same time and it is designed in such a way that, if you cue in where you stay, the map in the system assist in assigning you the nearest DVLA office so that you don’t have to travel long distance,” he added.


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